Water sports on Lake Garda

Water sports are a long tradition in the history of tourism on Lake Garda which now flows into a sensational array of activities which use of one of the most precious elements: water.

A holiday at the Sky Pool Hotel Sole Garda is not complete without the opportunity to enjoy wonderful days on the banks of the lake practicing your favorite sport. In addition to the sport that has always characterized the relationship between man and water, the newest trends have opened new horizons in sports such as kitesurfing and Stand up paddling. There are options for all levels, a wonderland of excitement and many opportunities to get involved in water sports on Lake Garda.

Water skiing

Water skiing, pulled by a speedboat to chase the waves perfectly. There are several schools that offer this option between Garda and Bardolino.


To relax on the shore of the lake and quietly fish in its waters you will need a special license issued by the Ministry of Water. More information can be found at the municipal offices.


For windsurfing on the lake, the perfect place is at north from Torri del Benaco to Riva del Garda, where Torbole is a true capital of the sport.


Lake Garda is a paradise for kitesurfers, because of a particular wind that blows with regular intensity at certain hours of the day.
In Campione del Garda, the Sailing University makes an incredible sight with an impressive number of sails that seem to dance in the sky like birds, and kiters with their acrobatics, are having lots of fun.
A number of schools have emerged in recent years to equal the top destinations for this sport, Fortaleza and Tarifa, signifying that Lake Garda is a natural “proving ground”. If you want to experience this passion, all you need to do is take advantage of the good winds for an incredible kitesurfing holiday on Lake Garda.

Stand Up Paddling

What could be better than to spend a memorable vacation and learn the nWhat could be better than to spend a memorable vacation and learn the newest trending sport?
One of the latest is stand up paddling that offers another new way to enjoy the waters of Lake Garda.
Stand Up paddling has grown to become an actual sport to be practiced in a group and have fun balancing on surfboards. This is a great way to stay in shape and get comfortable with the board. A new opportunity for water sports enthusiasts and for discovering the natural beauty of this incredible body of water.

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